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Chattanooga's Best Furniture Assembly Services


Is there anything as relaxing as enjoying a brand-new piece of comfortable furniture at home? However, before you can relax and unwind in your new set, you have to navigate confusing and frustrating instructions.

Whether you chose an international brand with instructions that are difficult to decipher, or you discovered too late that you don’t have the right set of tools, new furniture pieces can quickly become a nightmare. However, before you wind up annoyed, you can have Handyman Chattanooga assemble your furniture for you.

Best Furniture Fabrication 

Hiring someone to assemble furniture is often hit or miss. Either these companies want way too much money to put your pieces together, or they show up without the necessary tools and supplies.

Waiting for furniture repair contractors to arrive is also quickly frustrating. They tell you that they will come at one time, only to show up several hours later.

Instead, we offer the same level of quality and service that we do with our repair and maintenance services. When you need one company you can trust with all your residential service needs; you can save more on every call.

Whether you purchased previously owned furniture that appears to be missing parts, or you just got stuck halfway through assembling your new bed, we are ready to assist you. Before you wind up calling the furniture store for an expensive service call, we are here to help you save.

We have assembled all manner of furniture from popular brand names. Choose us when you require assistance assembling:

  • Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Bedframes
  • Dressers
  • Patio Furniture
  • Living Room Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Dining Room Sets
  • Shelving/Storage Units
  • Furniture Kits
  • Pre-Used Furniture
  • Imported Furniture
  • New Living Room Sets
  • And other furniture assembly needs.

Why Furniture Assembly?

It’s no secret that furniture just isn’t made the way it used to be. Many companies offshore the materials and assembly, creating a cheaper product that wears out faster.

However, furniture companies still charge premium pricing for all their sets, making any furniture purchase a high-ticket item. As a result, putting it together without all the right tools can easily damage your new, expensive furniture.

Instead, we can save you more time and frustration with quick and easy furniture assemble. Whether you are too intimidated to remove it from the box, or you began installing it and quit halfway, we can help you put it all together the simple way.
Stop fighting with your furniture and hire us. You’ll be glad that you did!